Art Bookstore Map: Paris

Art Bookstore Map: Paris

Bonjour! This is the fourth entry in the Art Bookstore Map series! Time flies fast in good company.

This time we have for you a compilation of cool bookshops in the French capital. Michael personally checked out a few places, as he represented Officina at the Paris Ass Bookfair quite recently – you can read our coverage of the event here CLICK. As always a big thank you to our instagram community for getting involved in the QA session and giving us tips. You guys are awesome!

Traditionally, there is a google map at the end of the post to make it easier to go from zine to zine. Au revoir!

1. Quintal atelier

13 Rue d’Eupatoria, 75020 Paris

wn臋trze ksi臋garni Quintal atelier w Pary偶u
Quintal atelier – interior. Photo: Micha艂 Chojecki

Riso workshop and intimate bookshop with publications printed in this technique. A beautiful shop window, pleasant decor and an excellent selection of prints – everything we value and enjoy! Incidentally, the riso colour selection available on their website has aroused murmurs of envy in our studio.

Quintal travels frequently to various fairs and there meets exhibitors with whom they exchange work. The results of these barter can later be found in their bookshop. Good names alone 馃檪

2. Le Monte en l鈥橝ir

2 Rue de la Mare, 75020 Paris

A bookshop where you will find a large and cool selection of art books, but also niche comics and some zines. Located just around the corner from Quintal, visits are worth combining and setting aside a good hour for.

Photo: @montenlair
Photo: Micha艂 Chojecki

3. Librairie sans titre

2 Rue Auguste Barbier, 75011 Paris

One of the coolest bookshops I’ve been to recently. Excellent selection and a very extensive catalogue. A cool atmosphere created by people with a flair and a real passion. It’s worth mentioning that the team from this bookshop is involved in organising some of the coolest art book fairs: Accident(s) – Atypical Book Fair.

Photo: @librairiesanstitre
Photo: Micha艂 Chojecki

4. Studio Fidele

4a Vla du Lavoir, 75010 Paris

Independent publishing house, riso studio and bookshop. A must-see item! Great prints and comics, my attention was particularly drawn to the series on Lebanese culture and the city of Beirut. A really great collection of prints!

Photo: @studio_fidele

5. La Reguliere

43 Rue Myrha, 75018 Paris

A very pleasant bookshop-cafe.

Photo: La Reguliere

6. Libraire Volume

47 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris, Francja

More than DIY prints, Libraire Volume is the place to look for books on art, photography and architecture. Nevertheless, it is a place where you can spend long hours discovering completely unknown titles. Beware of your pockets, you could lose your savings!

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